The Role of the Association the Travelling Exhibition

The Association will have the legal form of a non-profit organization and composed of a president, of its artists’ members and specific commissions elected by its members responsible for:

  • The choice of the members
  • The establishment of the specifications
  • The control of the events and their coherence

The association will be a nonprofit organization, without employee, while its operation and management will be provided by volunteers-members. The Association will operate because of the membership fee and a percentage of sales made during the exhibitions.

The Association will take in charge the costs related to its correct operation and the realization of the exhibitions (Site Renting, invitations, varnishing costs….)

Procedures for transport logistics and insurance of the art pieces will be at the responsibility of each artist who will be assisted locally by the event organizer.

It is up to the organizer, and according to a precise specification to:

  • Find the location in his country/city,
  • Obtain local licenses to organize the event and import the art pieces,
  • Ensure the good reception of the works,
  • Submit the proposition to a selected committee to be elected.
  • Send the invitations to his own network
  • Give enough importance to promoting the event.
  • To represent and ensure the promotion of the artists, with or without their presence during the exhibition.

The artists-members will not have to expose at all the events organized by the Association, they will be recommended but not required to be present at the opening.

The project interest you, contact us.


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